Orwo MA8

I got my hands on Orwo MA8 document copying film. It is slow, contrasty and often very badly expired.

I wanted to write my review on this film, but in the middle of writing I gave up and decided to post only my last results.

I had 3 bulk rolls of this film, two bulk rolls of 5 meters each and one 30m roll. First two bulk rolls were badly expired and I couldn't get much from this film. Lots of base fog, high contrast and scratches, marks, dots and other kinds of scuffs.

My last bulk roll (30m one) was a lot better. Clear base (no fog), lower amount of scuff marks and higher effective speed.

I tried this film as negative, and it gave contrasty but good-looking negatives at EI 12. Also, I tried developing it as slide film using Foma R100 process (Fomadon LQR 1+11 for 15 minutes, potassium permanganate bleach). It gave me normal (ish) contrast positives at EI 12. Slightly underexposed could give better results if exposed correctly.

All photos in my nextcloud: https://cloud.l7ssha.xyz/s/8zA8QZxn4KaoLe6

All my times for developing weird films I'm going to publish in this nextcloud document: https://cloud.l7ssha.xyz/s/pbbtA7Pzk9WEAma